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How to Participate Online

All TS 2023 attendees, regardless of registration modality, can participate online in any hybrid and online activities. Hybrid sessions include plenaries, panels, and special sessions. Some symposium tracks also have online sessions, including posters, BoFs, and lightning talks. Some workshops are also offered only online or both in-person and online. Make sure to check the modality of the workshop you registered for. Finally, we have sessions that are purely online, including (Ask an Author) Authors’ Corner.

We will use the TS’s online platform Webex Events (formerly Socio) and Zoom for online participation. The online platform has a phone app and is available with a browser. When it is time for a session, you will go to the corresponding agenda item and you will find a live stream or a link to Zoom. If you want to take full advantage of Zoom’s features, please update your Zoom client before the TS.

To engage with others during a session:

  • If in a hybrid session streaming from Webex Events, use Webex Events to ask questions.
  • If in a hybrid session using Zoom, use the Zoom chat and if you are in-person we recommend using the room microphone(s).
  • If in an online-only session using Zoom, use the Zoom chat.
  • If in an online-only session using Webex Events, use the Webex Events chat.

To engage with others online generally, Webex Events provides multiple features:

  • Online Hangout Rooms- Like breakout rooms with a cap of 13 to encourage group discussion, but they (and their chat log) persist throughout the TS.
  • Forum - A discussion forum. Use it to share pictures, ideas, and more! Connections - You can request to connect with someone in Webex Events, and once they accept your request, you can message them directly in Webex Events.
  • Messages - After you connect with another participant, you can message them here.

Online Activities:

  • Plenary viewing groups - Join others in a video room in the online hangout rooms while watching the plenary stream.
  • Hybrid Panels and Special sessions - All panels and special sessions are hybrid and available to all attendees regardless of registration modality.
  • (Ask an Author) Authors’ Corner - Connect with authors. There are four sessions, see the agenda for when.
  • First-timers lunch online tables- Bring your food of choice and join others in a video room in the online hangout rooms while watching the first-timers lunch talk live!
  • Online Reception Hangout - More food from your own kitchen! Then join a video room in the online hangout rooms.
  • Online Poster Session
  • Online Lightning Talk Session
  • Online Workshops
  • Online BoFs
  • Saturday lunch table topic discussion - During the TS, we will collect ideas for discussion during the Saturday lunchtime. The online discussions will be on Webex Events in the Online Hangout Room. On Thursday, put your topic suggestions in the Saturday Lunch agenda’s chat. We will collect the ideas into a poll and ask everyone planning to attend the online Saturday lunch to vote on Friday. Finally, we will create video rooms in the online hangout rooms on Saturday specific to the most popular topics.

Other things available through Webex Events:

  • Agenda - The agenda is available, and you can build your agenda in Webex Events by clicking on the plus symbol with a circle around it. Then you can see what you have added under “My Agenda.”
  • Pre-Recorded Videos - All pre-recorded videos with captions are available before the symposium to help you prepare. Each agenda item will also link to its corresponding video. NOTE: The URLs in the agenda items to the pre-recorded videos do not work on the Webex phone app. You can still find all of the pre-recorded videos on they phone in the “Pre-Recorded Videos” tab.

If you see something that needs to be fixed, please fill out the issues notification form.