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SIGCSE TS 2023 PhotographsTue 23 May 2023

Thank you all for an excellent SIGCSE TS 2023. SIGCSE TS 2023’s photographer, Cole Rodger, has completed our photograph sets. You can find photos from our 3-4 days together online!

Farewell and Au RevoirSun 19 Mar 2023

Thank you for joining us in Toronto this week for the 2023 SIGCSE Technical Symposium. This was the first SIGCSE Technical Symposium held outside of the United States; it was a pleasure to welcome so many people to Canada. The Technical Symposium will return to the United States in 2024, when …

Saturday Message from the ChairsSat 18 Mar 2023

Last day of the conference! Our keynote speaker will be Dr. Nichole Pinkard talking about “Opportunity Landscaping: Infrastructuring Healthy Learning Communities to Power Positive STEM Futures.”

Reminder we are starting with parallel program sessions at 8:30 am, next a coffee break, then …

Friday Message from the ChairsFri 17 Mar 2023

It is now Day 2 of the SIGCSE Technical Symposium! Today we have our Outstanding Contribution to Computer Science Education award winner, Susan Rodger, speaking during our plenary session. She’ll be talking about “Learning How to Teach Computer Science - And Why I Teach the Way I do.” Dr. …

Thursday Message from the ChairsThu 16 Mar 2023

We hope you are as excited as we are for the start of SIGCSE TS 2023! Today we start off at the Opening Plenary with our amazing Opening Keynote Speaker, Dr. Robert Thirsk, on the Currency-of-Trade for an Astronaut.

If you’re having trouble seeing the latest content and agenda updates on the …

Wednesday message from the ChairsWed 15 Mar 2023

Welcome to day 0 of the SIGCSE Technical Symposium! We are so excited to see you online or in Toronto. The weather is chilly here, but the mood is warm.

On Wednesday morning and afternoon, we have Pre-symposium, Affiliated Events, and Supporter Sessions. The Symposium program kicks off …

We need SIGCSE TS Buddies for our first-time attendeesSat 11 Mar 2023

Dear colleagues!


This is to ask those of you already registered in the SIGCSE buddy program, and also everyone registered for SIGCSE TS, ATTENDING IN PERSON, for a bit more support to make the SIGCSE buddy program a great success: we need more “more -experienced (ME)” buddies …

SIGCSE TS 2023 PlatformThu 9 Mar 2023

The SIGCSE TS committee has selected Webex Events (formerly Socio) as the symposium platform for 2023.

Webex Events includes a web and mobile app to enable participants a smooth interaction with the symposium content and agenda. The platform enables participants to watch the live streams …

Get Ready! SIGCSE TS 2023 is just 1 week awayThu 9 Mar 2023

The SIGCSE Technical Symposium 2023 is only a week away. We are so excited to get together, either in Toronto or online, and are here to help you have an outstanding symposium experience. So time for a bunch of information to get ready.

We will be using Webex Events (formerly Socio) as …

Open Board and Card Game Night - Friday, 7-10 pm at SIGCSE TSFri 17 Feb 2023

The Games, Puzzles, Social committee is hosting an open game night for all SIGCSE Technical Symposium attendees this year. Everyone is welcome to join us! Stop by convention center room 802 on Friday night (17 Mar) where we will be gaming 7-10pm.

If you have a favorite board or card …

Filtering the ProgramFri 27 Jan 2023

The SIGCSE TS 2023 program has been posted for a while. It is a large program that provides something for everyone, but this diversity of options may also make it challenging to identify the sessions that are the best match for your interests. This brief description of the filtering options …

Video Clarifications and FAQWed 11 Jan 2023

Since the videos are relatively new to our community and this is only our second hybrid conference, we thought we would answer some frequently asked questions (FAQ) to provide more transparency. As more questions come up, we will update this blog post.

Are there two videos?

There …

Invitation to attend SIGCSE CS 2023 - Registration is openThu 17 Nov 2022

Dear SIGCSE Community,

We are so excited to announce that SIGCSE TS 2023 registration has opened! You can register at https://cvent.me/Kkdomr.

SIGCSE TS 2023 will be held March 16-18, 2023 in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Robert Thirsk will open the symposium on Thursday morning and Dr. …

Best Practices for Video CreationMon 7 Nov 2022


As we get ready for SIGCSE TS 2023, we are so excited to help make the symposium as amazing for both online and in-person attendees! Part of that includes creating a video for your paper, poster, lightning talk, or demo. In order to ensure that everyone can enjoy your amazing video …

SIGCSE TS Online ExperienceFri 4 Nov 2022

It is our pleasure to provide both online and in-person participation for SIGCSE TS 2023 attendees in the form of in-person, hybrid, or online sessions. The online component of the technical symposium will be hosted on Webex Events (formerly known as Socio). In this blog, we give an overview of …

Will You Need a VPN?Mon 24 Oct 2022


If you haven’t heard yet, we will use Webex Events (formerly Socio) as the platform for the 2023 SIGCSE Conference! We hope this new platform will make the hybrid experience even better. One part of that is assuring that everyone who registers has access to the online content.

SIGCSE TS 2023 Registration CostsSun 14 Aug 2022

SIGCSE Community,

With submissions for the 2023 SIGCSE Technical Symposium open, the SIGCSE Technical Symposium Steering Committee would like to make the community aware of an increase in registration rates that will happen for this next symposium. Here are the rates at the early …

First Toronto Visit - ArriveCan, cash/credit and phone usage.Wed 10 Aug 2022

I returned from our fabulous Toronto visit and want to share a few notes from the visit that might be useful for our SIGCSE TS 2023 in-person attendees!

The main concerns I had was entering (vaccination is currently required and passport), credit card usage, and phone/device.

Using NSF grant money to attend SIGCSE TS in Toronto Wed 13 Jul 2022

From Paul Tyman, NSF Program Director Division of Undergraduate Education on March 10, 2022.

If you are not a PI on an NSF award, and/or do not plan to use NSF money in conjunction with the SIGCSE Technical Symposium next year, you can stop reading now.

You are probably aware that for …