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Filtering the ProgramFri 27 Jan 2023

The SIGCSE TS 2023 program has been posted for a while. It is a large program that provides something for everyone, but this diversity of options may also make it challenging to identify the sessions that are the best match for your interests. This brief description of the filtering options available on the program website will help you narrow down your options and maximize your enjoyment of the symposium.

  • Go to https://sigcse2023.sigcse.org/program/program-sigcse-ts-2023/
  • Select the Filter Program button, pointed out in purple. Filter Example
  • You can filter by various features:

    • Day
    • Room
    • Program Track
    • Badge
      • Session Modality
      • Online, In-Person or Hybrid
      • Best Paper Award
      • Pathway of Interest
        • Community College (CC),
        • Global,
        • K-12, (K12) or
        • Minority Serving Institution (MSI)

We hope you find these filtering features helpful for planning your participation in SIGCSE TS 2023!