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We need SIGCSE TS Buddies for our first-time attendeesSat 11 Mar 2023

Dear colleagues!


This is to ask those of you already registered in the SIGCSE buddy program, and also everyone registered for SIGCSE TS, ATTENDING IN PERSON, for a bit more support to make the SIGCSE buddy program a great success: we need more “more -experienced (ME)” buddies capacity. We suggest three ideas that you can act on now; for any of those, please contact global@sigcse2023.org!

In some more detail:

Would you be interested in participating in the SIGCSE buddy program?? All are welcome!!!

If you already have registered (together with the general registration), and in particular as more-experienced buddy, could you perhaps offer to connect with more buddies than what you indicated so far?

What is the buddy program?

Those SIGCSE participants who have attended SIGCSE TS at least a few times (“more experienced (ME)” buddies) touch base , welcome, and share wisdom with the “less experienced (LE)” buddies. You arrange among you when /how to meet, and everyone has a great opportunity to connect more personally. We pair up buddies randomly following the ME buddies capacities.

Three ideas to act on now:

  1. If you are not registered in the buddy program yet, please contact us. We especially need more ME’s - “more experienced buddies.”

  2. If you already registered as ME, would you be able/willing to pair up with more people? what would be your maximum possible? 3?4? 5? other?

  3. Could we ask you to pass the word about this to your colleagues who may not have seen this post?

Since registration for the buddy program is included in the main registration, at this point, please just contact us via email (global@sigcse2023.org), and please indicate how many buddies you could pair up with. All of you can get together jointly!

Thanks so much!!

Diana Cukierman, Rodrigo Duran,
SIGCSE TS Global Co-Chairs SIGCSE TS Global Committee