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Thu 16 Mar 2023 18:30 - 19:20 at Online D - Online BOF D-4

Odds are we’ve all used (or tried!) quite a few tools to facilitate efficiency inside and outside of the classroom and empower students to learn more effectively, whether on campus or off. Some of those tools are perhaps homegrown and unique to one’s own institution, but freely available educational technologies abound as well, some in the cloud, some for Macs and PCs, some open-source. And quite a few commercial tools offer free or discounted educational plans as well. In this BoF, we’ll begin with a whirlwind tour of the tools we ourselves use, identifying the problems they solve and how well, then quickly open the floor to everyone to share their favorites as well. Along the way, we’ll jot down every tool mentioned and share the results. With educational technology an evergreen landscape, this year’s list will surely be different from last! Attendees should exit this session with a better understanding of the current landscape, familiarized with innovations they can bring back to their own classes (whether high school, undergraduate, or graduate), without reinventing wheels themselves.

Thu 16 Mar

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18:30 - 19:20
Online BOF D-4Birds of a Feather at Online D
Birds of a Feather Who'd Like to Share Software Together: Teaching Tools that Improve Efficiency and OutcomesOnline
Birds of a Feather
David J. Malan Harvard University, Doug Lloyd Harvard University, Carter Zenke Harvard University