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Thu 16 Mar 2023 17:30 - 18:20 at Online E - Online BOF C-5

The Computer Science Curricula 2023 (CS2023) effort includes a synergistic endeavor to provide supplemental material to aid in the adoption of the guidelines. This supplemental material takes the form of a series of peer-reviewed articles by experts on the design and delivery of Computer Science programs. The Computing for Social Good (CSG) committee is responsible for providing an international perspective on Computing for Social Good in Education (CSG-Ed), description of models for incorporating CSG into curricula, and a discussion of best practices including examples.

There is a wide range of approaches to CSG-Ed both in the classroom and beyond. This BoF is intended to gain input from current instructors about these approaches including a discussion of which approaches work well and which are more problematic. We also intend for the BoF to bolster the community of educators who are interested in CSG-Ed in order to disseminate approaches to a wider audience.

Thu 16 Mar

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17:30 - 18:20
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Birds of a Feather
Heidi J.C. Ellis Western New England University, Springfield, MA, USA, Gregory W. Hislop Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Michael Goldweber Xavier University, Marcelo Pais Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, Samuel A. Rebelsky Grinnell College, Janice Pearce Berea College, Neil Gordon University of Hull, Patti Ordonez University of Maryland, Baltimore County