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Sat 18 Mar 2023 09:20 - 09:25 at 801A - Lightning Talks 2 Chair(s): Bedour Alshaigy, Eric Fouh

Advocates of mandatory computing for everyone argue that computing is a new form of literacy that benefit everyone: it can help us understand our increasingly digital and algorithm-oriented world; it is an important job skill that can increase the living standards of economically disadvantaged students, and it can drastically change how we teach other subjects. However, there are well-known barriers to computing in higher education: a male-dominated field, toxic environment, harassment, and the perpetuation of stereotypes that do not attract or retain women, and black and indigenous students. Since several countries introduced computing to elementary and secondary curricula in the past decade, it is paramount to investigate if and how the existing barriers in higher education propagate at those educational levels. In this lightning talk, we are particularly interested in collaborations to investigate how the Sense of Belonging and Self-efficacy change over time in cohorts where computing education is mandatory nationwide or in a specific educational system. We aim to gather empirical data using validated instruments to evaluate the Sense of Belonging and Self-efficacy, analyze if such measurements vary across gender and socioeconomic status, and conduct in-depth interviews to understand how perceptions of computing change over time. We have a readily-available research kit and ideas on how to explore diverse cohorts of students.

Sat 18 Mar

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